Clever Mold System

CMS in detail

With CMS, all the standard components of a conventional injection molding tool are integrated into the clamping device

With CMS, we have succeeded in integrating all the standard components of a conventional injection molding tool into the clamping device. This makes it so much more than just a classic quick clamping system! The injection molding tool itself consists solely of an ejector assembly and molding plates with a special fastening CMS contour for direct clamping onto the tool.


1. Quick clamping system

Ejector side of the faceplate

  • Coupling for ejector assembly
  • Hand-wheel operated, parallel-moving clamping bar with CMS contour for attaching injection molding tools
  • Coupling for tempering (tempering also possible in the mold)
  • Insulation plate
  • Centering ring, adapted to the system



Nozzle side of the faceplate

  • Insulation plate
  • Quick clamping device
  • Coupling for tempering
  • Centering ring, adapted to the system


2. Injection molding tool (depending on design)

CMS molds are lighter and more compact, and can be produced much more quickly and inexpensively. As a result, material costs are much lower.

  • Mold plates (tempered) with CMS contour
  • Ejector assembly

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