Clever Mold System

CMS advantages

Using this clever system, you save time when changing molds as well as reducing the cost of the molds themselves.

CMS is based on an innovative and proven concept that was further developed by B&R for High Speed Moldings (HSM) and adapted for mass production.


The injection molding tool itself consists solely of an ejector assembly and the molding plates with a special fastening CMS contour for direct clamping onto the tool.


Material savings

CMS is thereby reduced to its most essential components, which considerably reduces its mass, compared with conventional injection molding tools.


CMS molds are lighter and more compact, and can be produced more quickly and more cheaply. The savings on material costs alone (basic size: 296mm x 296mm) amounts to €900 per mold.



Saving time during mold changes

The mold, consisting of the ejector assembly and the molding plates with a special fastening contour, is put into the correct position using positioning pins. It is then fastened with the quick clamping device.


Changing times are significantly lower than with conventional molding tools.



Using CMS

See for yourself how quick and easy a CMS mold change really is.

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