Clever Mold System

Areas of application

CMS is particularly effective when used for frequent mold changes

CMS is used by plastics manufacturers having many small production runs and for prototype production. With this clever system, you save time when changing the mold, as well as reducing the cost and time for the tools themselves.


Small production runs

Both tool costs and machine times are very important, especially in small batch production runs. Many functions are integrated into the clever clamping system of CMS, all of which reduce the cost of each tool.


The small production runs can be produced cost-effectively because of the quick changing times.



CMS is based on an innovative and proven concept that was further developed by B&R for High Speed Moldings (HSM) and adapted for mass production.  Because only the ejector assembly and the molding plates have to be manufactured, the first original parts can be produced very quickly. Subsequent changes can then be implemented in a very short time and at a reduced cost.


Because of this, production time – from prototype to parts production parts – is reduced significantly. These days, this translates into a significant competitive advantage.

Saving material

With the Clever Mold System you save up to 60% on material with every injection molding tool. Tools can be produced more easily, more quickly and more cheaply.

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