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B&R GmbH is an exceptionally innovative and creative company. Founded in 1994 with only three employees, we have expanded since then to become a team of over 50 people busily transforming the visions of our customers – your visions – into high quality products. We not only wish to get better at this, we especially strive to do it more quickly as well. And we are able to achieve that because everything we do – from construction and development to prototype production – is all under one roof.

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Construction, development and prototype production

Our customers have visions of new products, but sometimes they need assistance with the development, construction and/or prototype production of these visions. B&R supports customers throughout the entire process, from the first idea to mass production. We are constantly discovering new innovative and creative solutions.



Our team of creative and experienced employees works in an environment of constantly changing demands, within which we regularly develop new methods and tools. That is how we increase the quality and speed of our work. Partners and suppliers are always impressed by our tools and want to use them at their own companies. This is how products like the Clever Mold System are created. Having proven its everyday practicality, we developed it to market maturity. And now, it is ready for you to use..


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B&R GmbH

Riemannstraße 3


35606 Solms Niederbiel



Phone: +49(0) 6442 922 43-0

Fax: +49(0) 6442 922 43-99


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